Program Development

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We design, deliver, monitor and evaluate sustainable outcomes-oriented programing at the global, national and community level.


  • Conduct needs and opportunities analysis
  • Implement literature reviews of best evidence-based approaches
  • Design global, national and community programs including service delivery and finance models
  • Develop program partnerships among the private sector, philanthropic institutions and governments
  • Implement projects, including budgets, grant programs, grantee selection and support
  • Convene expert advisory boards to guide program development and evolution
  • Conduct monitoring and evaluation
  • Create publications



  • Established global and on-the-ground partnerships with private industry, donor agencies and medical societies
  • Developed the program and secretariat for a $500 million 10-year global program to reduce maternal mortality
  • Facilitated linkage to care and patient advocacy programs in underserved communities in 25 U.S cities
  • Designed and administered grant programs in East and West Africa, India and the U.S.
  • Piloted programs in sub-Saharan Africa for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic illnesses
  • Deploying evidence-based, e-learning platforms for front-line health workers in the U.S.
  • Established adolescent mental health screening programs with school systems and insurers in U.S.
  • Delivered technical support for monitoring maternal health programs around the world
  • Provided ongoing operations support for a 100+ country access to medicines initiative
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