Signature Initiatives

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We create and implement visionary programs that define an organization’s values and future.


  • Launch major initiatives, including opportunity exploration, trend analysis, strategy options, budget forecasting, facilitating internal consensus and measuring external thought leader opinion
  • Mobilize multisectoral partners and constituents
  • Facilitate high-profile program announcements
  • Run program secretariats, including development of grant programs, RFP process and selection
  • Implement program evaluation, monitoring and reporting



  • Designed and managed the United Nation’s advocacy effort, “Every Woman, Every Child” for the  UN Foundation and the Secretary General’s Office, which yielded more than $40 billion in new commitments to meet the world’s child and women’s health development goals
  • Designed, launched and currently serve as the support office for the $500 million, 10-year Merck for Mothers (known as MSD for Mothers outside the U.S. and Canada) global effort to reduce maternal mortality
  • Designed and helped announce a $200 million research product donation and philanthropy initiative for Johnson & Johnson
  • Designed and launched a pilot program to increase NCD diagnosis and treatment in emerging markets
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