Signature Initiatives

We create and implement visionary programs that define an organization’s values and future.


  • Launch major initiatives, including opportunity exploration, trend analysis, strategy options, budget forecasting, facilitating internal consensus and measuring external thought leader opinion
  • Mobilize multisectoral partners and constituents
  • Facilitate high-profile program announcements
  • Run program secretariats, including development of grant programs, RFP process and selection
  • Implement program evaluation, monitoring and reporting



  • Designed and managed the United Nation’s advocacy effort, “Every Woman, Every Child” for the  UN Foundation and the Secretary General’s Office, which yielded more than $40 billion in new commitments to meet the world’s child and women’s health development goals
  • Designed, launched and currently serve as the support office for the $500 million, 10-year Merck for Mothers (known as MSD for Mothers outside the U.S. and Canada) global effort to reduce maternal mortality
  • Designed and helped announce a $200 million research product donation and philanthropy initiative for Johnson & Johnson
  • Designed and launched a pilot program to increase NCD diagnosis and treatment in emerging markets

Access Strategy

We draw on our extensive knowledge and networks to develop strategies to improve health and increase sustainable access to global health technologies in all regions of the world.


  • Design treatment, prevention, health systems and technology supply approaches for measurable improvements in health
  • Explore new business models, pricing approaches and market access strategies
  • Forecast trends based on detailed public health and policy research as well as expert interview
  • Conduct internal and external stakeholder consultations
  • Develop multi-sector solutions that attract partners and new resources



  • Designed and deployed market-driven access models to improve delivery of low-cost, life-saving HIV medicines to underserved people in 100 countries
  • Designed a national initiative to improve adolescent mental health screenings in U.S. primary care
  • Developed a policy and research roadmap to guide global efforts to address the burden of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs)
  • New product and pricing strategy for hypertension and oncology products in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Benchmarked optimal HIV care delivery systems for health care providers, advocates and policymakers
  • Established framework for intra-country tiered pricing that protects intellectual property while enhancing patient access
  • Developed a framework to help pharmaceutical companies better navigate the Universal Health Coverage landscape in low-and middle-income countries
  • Catalyzed efforts to close global gaps in access to insulin and reduce death and disability caused by untreated diabetes
  • Supporting a foundation-hosted roundtable of pharmaceutical industry executives to revise current approaches to treatment, supply chain and contraceptive access for women in developing markets

Program Development

We design, deliver, monitor and evaluate sustainable outcomes-oriented programing at the global, national and community level.


  • Conduct needs and opportunities analysis
  • Implement literature reviews of best evidence-based approaches
  • Design global, national and community programs including service delivery and finance models
  • Develop program partnerships among the private sector, philanthropic institutions and governments
  • Implement projects, including budgets, grant programs, grantee selection and support
  • Convene expert advisory boards to guide program development and evolution
  • Conduct monitoring and evaluation
  • Create publications



  • Established global and on-the-ground partnerships with private industry, donor agencies and medical societies
  • Developed the program and secretariat for a $500 million 10-year global program to reduce maternal mortality
  • Facilitated linkage to care and patient advocacy programs in underserved communities in 25 U.S cities
  • Designed and administered grant programs in East and West Africa, India and the U.S.
  • Piloted programs in sub-Saharan Africa for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic illnesses
  • Deploying evidence-based, e-learning platforms for front-line health workers in the U.S.
  • Established adolescent mental health screening programs with school systems and insurers in U.S.
  • Delivered technical support for monitoring maternal health programs around the world
  • Provided ongoing operations support for a 100+ country access to medicines initiative

Constituencies & Reputation

We enhance clients’ leadership by ensuring programs, commitments and successes are discussed, understood and shared in compelling ways with other leaders and allies, internal audiences and partners.


  • Design reputation platforms
  • Conduct stakeholder mapping and opinion research
  • Launch and report on major initiatives
  • Build digital platforms for health professionals and patients
  • Create and manage convenings
  • Constituency mobilization and advocacy
  • Create thought leadership platforms
  • Develop specialty communications
  • Craft social responsibility indices



  • Handled leadership communications for the launches of multiple global and national health initiatives
  • Created digital and live-event stakeholder mobilization and media platforms.
  • Facilitated multi-stakeholder consultations of more than 150 organizations to new commitments for a global strategy for women and children’s health.
  • Hosted discussions between the private sector and civil society in supporting the adoption of universal health coverage.
  • Created new health professional web portals and digital tools for patients.
  • Created robust, multi-year stakeholder engagement strategies for senior executives in pharmaceutical companies
  • Facilitated cross-sector stakeholder consultations to build support for a wellness and prevention strategies at the state and city level in the U.S.
  • Trained advocates in the black community to improve access to HIV care in the U.S.
  • Developed a model for tracking, measuring and increasing a major U.S. foundation’s public influence

Public-Private Partnerships

We help diverse collaborators harness complementary strengths to achieve results.

  • Secured commitments for UN MDGs by convening hundreds of NGOs, foundations, businesses and academic institutions
  • Accelerated private sector engagement in global chronic disease management by developing broadly accepted policy frameworks
  • Improved access to HIV care among at-risk U.S. black communities by deploying an integrated, multi-city peer navigator program
  • Facilitate a cross-sectoral plan to improve clinical trials for women and adolescent girls through collaboration with UNAIDS and other stakeholders

Policy and Advocacy

We advance agendas that promote healthier communities around the world.

  • Coordinated UN task force on harnessing innovation to drive progress on the health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
  • Developed policy and research roadmap to guide global efforts to address the burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs)
  • Improved access to HIV care in the U.S. black community by training advocates on community organizing principles
  • Created cross-functional system of key performance indicators (KPIs) for market access advocacy at global pharmaceutical company
  • Developed model for tracking, measuring and increasing a major U.S. foundation’s public influence

Corporate Responsibility

We create programs that drive change, deepen relationships and build reputation.

  • Established global health program that translated disparate company programs into a high-profile, multi-year commitment
  • Designed and implemented a market-leading corporate responsibility function for a major pharmaceutical company
  • Guided request for proposal (RFP) process and project launch for multi-city grants program for leading U.S. corporate foundation

Integrated Communications

We inspire people to care about health issues and mobilize them for action.

  • Raised awareness of mental illness among U.S. youth to increase screenings and improve outcomes
  • Improved access to HIV treatment in Latino communities by creating a bi-lingual, video-based education series
  • Launched world’s first joint venture between a  major pharmaceutical company and a leading global foundation
  • Inspired vulnerable black women living with HIV to seek care and support through a video series featuring the lives of five peers