Noncommunicable Diseases in the Developing World: Addressing Gaps in Global Policy and Research

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Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) – including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma and chronic respiratory infections, and cancers – are the leading causes of death worldwide. Roughly two out of three deaths globally are from NCDs and 80% of these fatalities occur in low- and middle-income countries.

The need for health systems strengthening to enable the provision of NCD prevention and treatment as well as a pragmatic agenda for reducing the burden of NCDs are presented in a collection of essays titled “Noncommunicable Diseases in the Developing World: Addressing the Gaps in Global Health Policy and Research,” co-edited by Louis Galambos and Senior Partner Jeffrey L. Sturchio, and published by Johns Hopkins University Press. The essays in this book are the product of a collaborative dialogue among leading global experts in the field and bring important new perspectives on critical issues, including structuring supply chains, accelerating regulatory harmonization, improving access to NCD interventions, reconfiguring primary care, and promoting multisectoral action.

 The book is available for purchase in print from the Johns Hopkins University PressAmazon and other retailers. Or as an ebook.

Chapters and Contributors


  • Jeffrey L. Sturchio and Louis Galambos


Chapter 1: Regulation of NCD Medicines in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

  • Brian White-Guay


Chapter 2: Improving Access to Medicines for Noncommunicable Diseases through Better Supply Chains

  • Lisa Smith and Prashant Yadav


Chapter 3: Learning from the HIV/AIDS Experience to Improve NCD Interventions

  • Soeren Mattke


Chapter 4: Reconfiguring Primary Care for the Era of Chronic and Noncommunicable Diseases

  • Margaret E. Kruk, Gustavo Nigenda, and Felicia Knaul


Chapter 5: Sectoral Cooperation for the Prevention and Control of NCDs

  • George Alleyne and Sania Nishtar


Conclusion: The Developing World and the Challenge of Noncommunicable Disease

  • Stuart Gilmour and Kenji Shibuya



01 November 2013
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