Rabin Martin helped design and implement Merck for Mothers – Merck’s bold $500 million signature initiative to help end preventable maternal deaths worldwide.

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Maternal mortality is high in countries with poor health infrastructure and is one of the most preventable global health tragedies.

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Rabin Martin helped design the strategy for Merck for Mothers, a $500 million initiative to reduce maternal mortality worldwide.

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Merck for Mothers’ partnership with 160+ organizations has provided over 18 million women with improved access to quality care.


Every two minutes, a woman dies during pregnancy and childbirth. Most of these deaths occur in countries with poor health infrastructure, and are preventable when women have access to quality maternity care before, during, and after childbirth.

In the U.S, maternal mortality had been rising over the past two decades, despite progress in reducing maternal deaths globally.

For more than 100 years, Merck & Co., Inc* has been at the forefront of global health. Building on its pioneering work to eradicate river blindness, prevent cervical cancer, and address barriers to HIV/AIDS care, Merck sought a “next generation” global health initiative following the acquisition of Schering Plough.

“ Merck for Mothers is Merck’s global initiative to help create a world where no woman has to die while giving life. ”


Rabin Martin helped design the strategy for Merck for Mothers – a $500 million initiative to reduce preventable maternal mortality worldwide, launched in 2011.
We continue to be Merck for Mothers’ lead consultant, collaborating on:



  • Define distinctive opportunities for the company to contribute its business and scientific expertise to tackle this longstanding global health challenge


  • Secure and manage partnerships with governments, multilateral agencies, health provider associations, NGOs, social enterprises, foundations and academia


  • Design and manage dozens of on-the-ground programs, advocacy efforts and research projects to improve maternity care, strengthen health systems and
    advance the field
  • Elevate the visibility of this corporate-wide initiative and its leaders


  • Develop an overarching framework to track and report on progress and impact


Merck for Mothers has provided more than   18 million women with improved access to quality care, working with 160+ partners in 48 countries around the world, including the US.

Merck has become a trusted partner with key stakeholders and customers in developed and emerging markets.

Merck for Mothers’ innovative programs, partnerships and platforms have generated valuable learnings and insights for the company.

Merck has strengthened its reputation in global health and is recognized widely as the global leader in maternal health.