The murder of George Floyd, the protests that erupted in its aftermath, and the blur of headline after headline we continue to witness have highlighted just how much work we still must do in America to end police violence and discrimination against people of color. We understand the continued rage and frustration expressed by those who feel they need to take to the streets for answers. Rabin Martin stands in solidarity with everyone seeking social justice and working to protect the fundamental human rights of those who have been marginalized. A passionate focus on positive change lies at the heart of our mission. The impetus to move the needle in global health and to enhance equity – in all its forms – is embedded in our work. We condemn the systemic racism that undervalues and negatively affects health outcomes for vulnerable communities, especially communities of color.

We cannot ignore the voices of so many Americans sharing their lived experiences. Rabin Martin recognizes that our actions today will help support the necessary dialogues and initiatives to advance equity for all. We need leadership. We need fresh approaches, new models, and unusual partnerships. These are the principles required to meet the challenges ahead.

The injustices we are seeing are the product of generations of disparities and systemic oppression. In our work in the U.S., we see it in the thousands of preventable deaths from COVID-19 and other health conditions faced disproportionately by black, brown, and poor Americans. But this situation is not irreparable. We need a commitment to action. And to work towards the reality of healthcare as a human right for all, not just for a few.

We have an opportunity to reset and recalibrate. An opportunity for change, action, and compassion. Each of us can play a part in the response that will work to shape a more equitable world. We stand together to do so.

Rabin Martin

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