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Rabin Martin is a global health strategy firm working at the intersection of the private sector and public health. We believe that global leadership in health requires fresh approaches, new business models and unlikely partnerships. Rooted in our mission to improve health and health equity for the most vulnerable populations, Rabin Martin has been actively engaged in the global and domestic health and development arena for more than a decade. By blending our expertise in business and public health, we design, develop and evaluate public health programs, extend the influence and impact of our clients and help our clients bring pragmatic solutions to unmet health needs. We work with multinational health care companies and institutions, large foundations and leadings NGOs. Rabin Martin is a member of the Omnicom Public Relations Group.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to help bring your ideas to life in becoming leaders in global health. Please contact us.


About Omnicom Public Relations Group

Omnicom Public Relations Group is a global collective of three of the top global public relations agencies worldwide and eight specialist agencies in public affairs, marketing to women, fashion, global health strategy and corporate social responsibility. It encompasses more than 6,000 public relations professionals in more than 330 offices worldwide who provide their expertise to companies, government agencies, NGOs and nonprofits across a wide range of industries. Omnicom Public Relations Group delivers for clients through a relentless focus on talent, continuous pursuit of innovation and a culture steeped in collaboration. Omnicom Public Relations Group is part of the DAS Group of Companies, a division of Omnicom Group Inc. that includes more than 200 companies in a wide range of marketing disciplines including advertising, public relations, healthcare, customer relationship management, events, promotional marketing, branding and research.

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