We turn ideas into action. By navigating the evolving health landscape, testing new ideas, brokering unusual partnerships and mobilizing resources, we extend the influence and impact of our clients.

Greater influence helps build leadership in health via:

  • More conducive policy environments
    • Broad issues awareness
    • Stakeholder activation and mobilization
    • Global and national policy dialogues
    • Recognized thought-leadership
  • Amplified reputation


Leadership in Health: Our Approach

What we’re seeing:


  • Leadership and reputation are reinforcing concepts. Leadership in health leads to enhanced reputation.
  • Leaders in health are companies that meaningfully advance the health and wellbeing of people around the world. They earn the trust and confidence of their stakeholders by delivering results that have business and societal value.
  • Healthcare companies that develop and maintain their positions as leaders in global health realize a range of benefits that enable them to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and, over time, develop a competitive advantage. These include:
    • Improved sales
    • Smoother market entry
    • Attract potential partners
    • Stock performance / valuation
    • Attract / retain the best talent
    • Stakeholder relationships
    • Improved reputation

Rabin Martin has worked with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies to strengthen their leadership positions by helping them develop a strong vision for their work to improve the lives of people worldwide. We help them achieve that vision by creating a shared sense of purpose among many actors and discovering ways to align competing interests; bringing together internal and external audiences; and connecting with networks in the public sector and civil society.


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