We design for impact. We design, develop and evaluate programs that deliver results and can be replicated and scaled.

Stronger programs drive leadership in health via:

  • Improved patient and provider practices
  • Improved health outcomes
  • Sustainable impact
  • Optimized partnerships


Global Health Programs: Our Approach

What we’re seeing:


  • If designed carefully, corporate responsibility initiatives can bring societal value and value to the business – beyond reputation
  • Global health players are shifting away from bilateral partnerships towards more complex cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary ones
  • Governments cannot alone meet the health needs of their populations; the private sector plays an important role in helping meet countries’ health objectives
  • Global health initiatives face increasing pressure to independently evaluate their efforts and transparently share their results.


In this environment, we help companies build leadership by:


  • Designing innovative, evidence-based programs that support clients’ strategic priorities and ensure public health impact in low- and middle-income countries, and among vulnerable populations globally.
  • Managing programs and supporting their implementation – through monitoring and technical assistance, and by telling their stories.
  • Evaluating investments, determining the right approach to evaluation, and interpreting evaluation results for technical and lay audiences.


Evaluation: Our Approach

What we’re seeing:


  • The global health community is increasingly focused on prioritizing proven, evidence-based program models.
  • Evaluations need to balance strategic and practical needs with rigorous methodology.
  • Funders are increasingly interested in the sustainability of their programs, requiring evaluations that capture nuanced, qualitative influences on success.
  • Evaluations do not end with their results. Strategic dissemination is core to building the evidence base and driving change in policy and programming.


In this context, we help foundations learn and build influence by:


  • Pinpointing evaluation needs: Ensuring evaluations are designed with the right approach to meet client needs and answer strategic, as well as programmatic, questions quickly yet rigorously.
  • Developing theories of action: Combining technical skills in program design, implementation, and evaluation with an understanding of client priorities to define programmatic success and the pathways to achieve it.
  • Conducting strategic reviews: Combining deep knowledge of program design and implementation with technical evaluation skills to measure the value of investments and shape future programming
  • Synthesizing and disseminating findings: Crafting and executing thoughtful communication plans to ensure that evaluation results reach and influence key global health players



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