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Together, we make a lasting impact
on global health – and your business

We design, develop, and deliver effective solutions to unlock new markets and opportunities – creating creative ways for more people to access your medicines and vaccines, and generating support for your goals among key stakeholders.


We’ve managed more than $2 billion in health and equity programming – across 80 markets including US, Europe, and Low- and Middle-income Countries.

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We design custom solutions based on decades of experience – operating at the intersection of business strategy, policy, and public health.

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We’re known for our broad network of proven partnerships – working with large global healthcare companies, foundations, global and local NGOs, and policy makers.

A global health strategy that sits on a shelf
doesn’t make an impact – on your business or
the people who can’t access your medicines today

At Rabin Martin, we don’t just design a strategy and walk away – we follow it through to make a lasting impact.
We work side-by-side with our clients and manage everything from start to finish through this breadth of services:

Our Services


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Identify any untapped opportunities to have the greatest impact through your leadership and through your medicines and vaccines.

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Build a plan to drive growth and strengthen your leadership position by solving critical global health and equity challenges.

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Launch and scale your initiatives with the right partnerships to ensure a bigger impact on your business and on health outcomes.

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Measure and evaluate your impact to ensure goals have been met.

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Do more for society
and deliver more for
your business

From improving maternal health by addressing persistent racial disparities to improving access to high quality cancer care for vulnerable populations, Rabin Martin is helping leading companies and foundations to make a global health impact.

Our Impact

Making an Impact:
Our Insights and
Frontline Perspectives

Rabin Martin consultants share expert insights on what’s emerging, what’s working, and what’s needed to improve access, outcomes, and equity.

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