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Start-to-finish services to activate strategy and
make a lasting impact

Our consultants create, develop, implement, and measure strategies to decrease
healthcare barriers for people in high, middle and low-income countries across the globe.

Signature Initiatives and
Program Development

Designing, implementing, measuring, and evaluating major health initiatives and programs to address unmet health needs, leveraging our clients’ distinctive capabilities and supporting partners (Technical Assistance) to deliver impact on the ground.

Creating a global signature initiative to improve maternal health​

Rabin Martin guided the strategy, program design and implementation for Merck for Mothers – Merck’s bold $650 million initiative to help end preventable maternal deaths worldwide. ​  

Establishing a leadership platform in rare disease

Rabin Martin designed and supported Takeda’s signature initiative to reduce the time to diagnosis for children with a rare disease: Global Commission to End the Diagnostic Odyssey for Children with a Rare Disease.

Coalition building
& partnerships

Creating and leading – often as the Secretariat – multi-disciplinary, multi-sector coalitions and partnerships, bringing together unlikely allies and promoting diverse perspectives to drive change in areas of common interest.

Establishing a multidisciplinary commission on chronic disease and pregnancy

Rabin Martin is guiding the work of a global commission of medical experts and patient advocates who are passionate about the rights of women living with a chronic disease to make informed decisions about their treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding​​.  

Mobilizing a cross-industry coalition to strengthen pandemic preparedness – and forging a new model of public-private partnership

Rabin Martin developed and is the Secretariat for the PSRT, a unique coalition that provides the industry voice on global health security matters and advocates for greater private sector engagement in preparing for and preventing health emergencies.

Policy analysis &
stakeholder engagement

Developing policy analyses, market-shaping solutions, and stakeholder engagement strategies – anticipating changes to the external environment – to advance our clients’ priorities, especially around access to their medicines and vaccines.

Equipping country affiliates to engage effectively with policy makers on the evolving field of real-world evidence​​

Rabin Martin helped a major pharmaceutical company lay the foundation for effective stakeholder engagement in advancing the use of real-world evidence in regulatory and HTA decision-making​.

Creating an enabling environment for maternal immunization​​

Rabin Martin is supporting the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s strategy to ensure the effective introduction of new maternal vaccines – innovations to improve maternal and newborn health.​​

Health equity strategy
& programming

Equipping clients with strategies and tools to advance health equity and shift from “business as usual” – including frameworks to guide action and measure progress, novel community-based partnerships, and thought leadership.

A man is riding a bike on a hill in the United States.

Advancing equity in cancer care across the United States

Rabin Martin supported the development of the Alliance for Equity in Cancer Care – a national initiative funded by the Merck Foundation to increase access to high-quality, equitable care for people living with cancer from underserved communities.

Designing an access program for dengue vaccination

Rabin Martin scoped and designed programs to support early access to a forthcoming dengue vaccine for vulnerable populations in endemic countries, with the goal of including the vaccine in National Immunization Programs.

Thought leadership &
corporate positioning

Elevating our clients’ voices in the health sphere and beyond – starting with a solid foundation of results that are driving impact.

We have knowledge and experience across these health areas:

  • Alzheimer’s​
  • Cancer​
  • Diabetes​
  • Global Health Security
  • Health Equity
  • Hepatitis​
  • Immunological Disorders​
  • Infant and Child Health​
  • Maternal Health​
  • Mental Health
  • Obesity​
  • Rare Disease​
  • Reproductive Health​
  • Substance Abuse Disorders​
  • Vaccine Hesitancy
  • Neurological​ Disorders

As your Global Health
Impact Consultants,
Rabin Martin can…​

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