Get to know Kevin

Tell us a fun fact about your life outside of work.

I moved from my hometown (Toronto, Canada) to New York City in summer 2022 which has been a terrific experience. I love living between Central Park and the Hudson River for running and cycling, as well as discovering new hidden restaurant gems at every corner of the city. I’ve met many other Canadians living here and it certainly feels like home!

What is your area of expertise and how did you end up there?

My background is in public policy, having previously worked in the Ontario Government as Director of Pandemic Response and as a senior policy advisor to Ontario’s Minister of Health. I’m particularly excited about projects that involve a public policy lens, stakeholder engagement, and new market opportunities.

What is your favorite aspect of Rabin Martin and the work you do?

My favorite aspect of Rabin Martin is the creative team-based environment. It’s exciting to lead strategy whiteboarding sessions on practical policy solutions to help improve the health of underserved populations. I’ve worked on projects to increase access to HIV treatments and have developed compelling health, political, and economic cases for governments to take actions that will improve the lives of people living with chronic inflammatory diseases.

What makes you proud to work at Rabin Martin?

I’m proud of the projects that we engage in – from initial concept all the way to implementation — that both our team members and clients are passionate about. It’s meaningful knowing that for every project that our team works on, no matter how big or small, we can confidently demonstrate how our work has a tangible benefit for people who don’t have access to medicine.

What are your biggest interests outside of work?

In 2022, I began triathlon training with the ultimate goal of competing in a Half Ironman race. The training has been a fun way to meet new people, from 6am Barry’s Bootcamp (group fitness classes) to evening runs and swim practices with Front Runners New York (an LGBTQ+ multisport athletics team). I’m excited to race in the New York City Triathlon with friends in October 2023!

What’s the next place on your travel bucket list?

My next bucket list travel spot is Patagonia (in December!) for a hiking trip. It’s always nice to disconnect from technology on vacation, and to experience and learn about different countries and cultures. And it’ll be great to add a new pin on the travel map when I get home!