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Rabin Martin is supporting the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s strategy to ensure the effective introduction of new maternal vaccines – innovations to improve maternal and newborn health.​​

Introducing new vaccines for pregnant women requires complex planning as well as engagement of distinct stakeholder groups. Strengthening alignment between leaders from the maternal/newborn health field and the vaccines field is critical for success in bringing these new innovations to women in developing countries where the burden of vaccine-preventable disease is greatest.​​

Rabin Martin is supporting the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s comprehensive strategy to increase collaboration across key stakeholders and galvanize widespread support to prepare for the introduction of these new lifesaving vaccines. ​​

We have developed convenings and sessions at both maternal health and vaccine conferences involving global and national decision makers, health providers, technical experts, multilateral organizations and donors to align on approaches for policy, delivery, implementation research and country-level preparedness for maternal immunization. ​​

We have also collaborated with experts in the field to develop comprehensive reports and other communications materials to document progress in maternal immunization and emphasize its importance as a lifesaving measure.​​

An Indian woman is providing maternal immunization to a child in an enabling environment.


Rabin Martin helped the foundation raise the profile of maternal immunization, particularly in the maternal health community, and mobilize champions who are charting the path forward to prepare for the introduction, delivery and scale-up of maternal vaccines in developing countries.  ​​

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