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Rabin Martin helped a major pharmaceutical company lay the foundation for effective stakeholder engagement in advancing the use of real-world evidence in regulatory and HTA decision-making​.

The global landscape is becoming more complex around issues of real-world evidence (RWE) and health technology assessments (HTA), with different standards and methodologies under consideration to assess the full value of medicines and vaccines. Rapidly evolving policies, inconsistently applied practices, and differing perspectives among key stakeholders make it challenging for health care companies and their country teams to stay up to date on the changing environment.  

Nonetheless, a company’s ability to engage effectively with influential stakeholders around issues of value and affordability is crucial for long-term success in the marketplace.  

Rabin Martin collaborated with the Health Economics and Outcomes Research group of a major biopharmaceutical company to build its country teams’ capacity in effective external engagement.​ We developed strategies and resources to equip teams to communicate adeptly with policy makers, academic institutions, patient groups and others on a variety of HTA-related matters, including: 

  • Creating a toolkit with key messages on priority issues affecting regulators and HTA bodies​ 
  • Facilitating interactive workshops on a spectrum of low-high intensity engagement strategies with influential organizations 
  • Developing 30+ original case studies on the company’s best practices in advancing the use of real-world evidence to support business objectives in a variety of therapeutic areas and in countries around the world​ 
  • Identifying and mapping 40+ U.S. groups influential in the value assessment ecosystem, highlighting opportunities for collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry 
A group of nurses from country affiliates engaging effectively with policy makers at a conference table.


The result was a strategic and coordinated external engagement strategy.​​  

Country teams mobilized to deploy their resources more strategically. They began setting clear objectives for external engagement, assigning relationship managers to key organizations, and identifying opportunities for deeper engagement to influence regulatory and HTA policy.

And the case studies on best practices sparked cross-learning as colleagues sought out their counterparts in other countries and regions to develop high-impact external collaborations to generate real-world evidence that would advance business objectives.​​ 

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