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Health Area: Global health security

The logo for AstraZeneca.

Delivering health impact for people with cardiovascular disease: Healthy Heart Africa ​

Rabin Martin collaborated with AstraZeneca to create the company’s signature initiative – Healthy Heart Africa – to expand access to screening and treatment for cardiovascular disease, a growing public health challenge in developing countries. ​

Equipping country affiliates to engage effectively with policy makers on the evolving field of real-world evidence​​

Rabin Martin helped a major pharmaceutical company lay the foundation for effective stakeholder engagement in advancing the use of real-world evidence in regulatory and HTA decision-making​.
A black and white image of a man in a white shirt with an innovative partnership.

Steering an innovative partnership between leaders in health and technology to improve health

Rabin Martin is the Secretariat of Advancing Health Online, a new initiative launched by Merck and Meta to better understand how social media and behavioral science can be leveraged to improve the health of communities around the world.
The logo for the Private Sector Roundtable (PSRT)'s Global Health Security Agenda.

Mobilizing a cross-industry coalition to strengthen pandemic preparedness – and forging a new model of public-private partnership

Rabin Martin developed and is the Secretariat for the PSRT, a unique coalition that provides the industry voice on global health security matters and advocates for greater private sector engagement in preparing for and preventing health emergencies.