Thinking differently about how to harness healthcare markets

Rabin Martin President & CEO Jeff Sturchio’s recent contribution to the British Medical Journal discusses how thinking differently about how to harness health markets could provide more health for more people. The article, “The global healthcare markets” — delves into the complex global health economy and challenges in adapting health systems to provide more ...

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Public-private partnerships: Lessons from the AIDS response in Botswana

Last year, Rabin Martin President & CEO Jeff Sturchio presented to the Exploring Partnership Governance in Global Health workshop presented by the National Academies of Sciences and Medicines. As we near World AIDS Day, sharing his thoughtful insights on how the multi-sectoral African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnership (ACHAP) between the Bostwana government and the private ...

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Rethinking healthcare quality: An interview with Margaret Kruk, co-chair of the Lancet Commission on High Quality Health Systems

A recently published report by The Lancet found that 5 million people die each year because of poor-quality healthcare in low- and middle- income countries (LMICs) and 3.6 million deaths occur due to the lack of use of healthcare altogether. Co-chairs Margaret Kruk, Associate Professor of Global Health at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public ...

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Spotlight on oncology: Increasing access to patient-centered cancer care

As the global burden of disease shifts from infectious to chronic, non-communicable diseases, health systems and industry are tackling these challenges by focusing on how to provide personalized, patient-centered care to all people who need it, while considering issues around cost and value of innovation. Having just returned from the World Cancer Congress in ...

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A useful new platform illustrates countries’ health security capacity

The Private Sector Roundtable (PSRT), for which Rabin Martin serves as Secretariat, has been working with one of its members, Qlik, to develop and launch an online platform illustrating country qualitative and quantitative data on health security capacity. The platform is an interactive visualization of data from the Joint External Evaluations (JEE), conducted by ...

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Reflections on the 73rd United Nations General Assembly

While newspaper headlines around the recent United Nations General Assembly were dominated by global policy and diplomacy narratives, representatives from the health sector working in government, NGOs, academe, civil society and the private sector were busy coming together around shared interests to address the world’s greatest health challenges. Two highly anticipated events included the ...

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High-level meetings on TB and NCDs to follow this year’s United Nations General Assembly

This week, heads of state and members from civil society, development and the private sector will gather in New York for the United Nations General Assembly and related meetings. The formal agenda kicks off on September 18th, with the majority of side events that present a unique opportunity for multisectoral engagement and dialogue on key global health issues taking place September 23rd-27th.
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Spotlight on corporate responsibility: Rabin Martin brings unique perspective to strengthen clients’ leadership in global health

Rabin Martin is proud to be a part of the Omnicom family, a company that is committed to promoting responsible practices and making positive contributions to society around the globe.  Our work was recently featured in Omnicom’s 2017 Corporate Responsibility report, showcasing how we work at the intersection of the private sector and unmet public health need to help our clients become leaders in health.
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The power of partnerships: Rabin Martin showcases client work in global health

Rabin Martin is proud to highlight the multi-faceted work we do for our clients through two global health reports that we recently developed. These reports are strong examples of how Rabin Martin helps our clients derive value from their global health investments and showcase their important work in advancing the global health field through both research and evaluation and public/private partnerships.
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Difficult but necessary: Sustaining progress for pediatric and adolescent HIV

Sustainability is a loaded word. Drop it into conversation with anyone involved in global health programming, policy, or funding, and you’re likely to get a reaction. For many, it conjures up a distant future state requiring endless funding and unwavering attention. For others, it is the holy grail of international health and development...
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