In pursuit of innovation: Measuring the value of neurodiversity

Amid growing competition for talent, particularly within the health care space, there’s a need to develop approaches to attract and retain the brightest candidates. The ambition to create effective, dynamic, 21st century teams to drive and maintain corporate competitive advantage has led a growing number of organizations to search beyond narrow, conventional talent pools. Throwing their nets out in search of fresh thinking, these companies have been rethinking their HR processes to access neurodiverse talent.
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Getting NCD multisectoral partnerships right: Collaborating to improve health workers training and to strengthen supply chains

Noncommunicable diseases, notably cancers, heart disease, diabetes and respiratory disease kill an estimated 40 million people annually. With more than 80% of these deaths occurring in low- and middle- income countries, NCDs have become a major global health priority. Indeed, the inclusion of NCDs within the Sustainable Development Goals reflects their importance as a health priority as well as influence on long-term economic development.
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The private sector: A partner in global health security and universal health coverage

I have been working in global health for more than 25 years, in a variety of roles in the research-based pharmaceutical industry, in leadership positions in non-governmental organizations, and today as head of a global health strategy firm that works at the intersection of public health and private industry to help advance the health of millions around the world.
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Who are emerging voices in global health? We asked the experts

We continue our series on the future of global health. What new opportunities exist for collaboration to meet the growing need for healthcare for people around the world? What breakthrough innovations can we expect to see this year? Whose voices will shape the global health agenda within our current economic and political climate? We tapped our network of clients and health experts to find out. Here is what they said.
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The silent killer

There is a disease that has been dubbed “the silent killer”– hepatitis C. It is a virus that can be asymptomatic for decades, but when symptoms appear, evolve into cirrhosis and liver cancer. Discussions around the availability of these new life-saving treatments have put a spotlight on the disease, along with calls for its elimination.
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New U.S. foreign assistance principles offer roadmap to sustainability and country ownership

Rabin Martin was one of more than 100 organizations to endorse the new Principles for Strategic Transitions from Development Aid developed by the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network. As reform discussions continue within the U.S. Congress and the Administration, these Principles aim to orient U.S. development programs to achieve sustainability and responsibly help countries chart a path toward new forms of partnership with the United States.
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Your Guide to UNGA 2017

Rabin Martin is currently gearing up for the United Nations General Assembly, to be held from September 12-25, 2017, in New York City. Trying to figure out which sessions to attend at UNGA or secure an invitation to sessions of interest? Check out our UNGA event guide.
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