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Health Area: Maternal Health

The logo for AstraZeneca.

Delivering health impact for people with cardiovascular disease: Healthy Heart Africa ​

Rabin Martin collaborated with AstraZeneca to create the company’s signature initiative – Healthy Heart Africa – to expand access to screening and treatment for cardiovascular disease, a growing public health challenge in developing countries. ​

Equipping country affiliates to engage effectively with policy makers on the evolving field of real-world evidence​​

Rabin Martin helped a major pharmaceutical company lay the foundation for effective stakeholder engagement in advancing the use of real-world evidence in regulatory and HTA decision-making​.
The Merck for Mothers logo in white against a transparent background.

Creating a global signature initiative to improve maternal health​

Rabin Martin guided the strategy, program design and implementation for Merck for Mothers – Merck’s bold $650 million initiative to help end preventable maternal deaths worldwide. ​  
The UCB logo in white against a transparent background.

Establishing a multidisciplinary commission on chronic disease and pregnancy

Rabin Martin is guiding the work of a global commission of medical experts and patient advocates who are passionate about the rights of women living with a chronic disease to make informed decisions about their treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding​​.  
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation logo in white on a transparent background.

Creating an enabling environment for maternal immunization​​

Rabin Martin is supporting the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s strategy to ensure the effective introduction of new maternal vaccines – innovations to improve maternal and newborn health.​​
A black and white image of a man in a white shirt with an innovative partnership.

Steering an innovative partnership between leaders in health and technology to improve health

Rabin Martin is the Secretariat of Advancing Health Online, a new initiative launched by Merck and Meta to better understand how social media and behavioral science can be leveraged to improve the health of communities around the world.